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歯車のハート 中村開己

Haruki Nakamura papercraft artist


In 2005 for IKC in Japan we were entrant for the Karakuri contest.  Haruki Nakamura was the winner, he was one of the best with his hand cranked gears heart. A red paper moving sculpture

Paper Engineering KAMIKARA

HARUKI NAKAMURA PAPER HEART 歯車のハート 中村開己   dans Non classé torisa2_000

paper gears heart   free download

Haruki Nakamura  Earth puzzle of icosahedron

torisakanapct dans Non classé

bird and fish by H.Nakamura

Haruki Nakamura book

HARUKI NAKAMURA BOOK                      and a video Japanese artist creates complex geometrical shapes out of folded paper





Thank you  DrakerDG and Atom


NEWS      a new gears heart ( no comment)


interesting post

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