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Jubiläum . 500 posts on « Spiel und Kunst mit Mechanik » blog.

 Bravo Falk Keuten Clin doeil and thank you for your good blog…

Jubiläum . 500 posts on
4902548_e3034e127c_m dans KINETIC ART

I like your present from Paul . You are lucky…


Divers Mixed Media

Divers Mixed Media dans AUTOMATES AUTOMATA 3.Fishbowl3FrontView72


Fishbowl Number 3
Mixed-media Kinetic Wire Sculpture
11″ h x 12.5″ w x 9.5″ d
Artist – Michael Jacobs


hirsch.a_4_fs dans MECHANICAL SCULPTURES
Untitled (Monks Restrained)

2007, mixed media automaton, 12″ x 16″ x 5″


A new automaton « A Novel Transmission » by Paul Spooner.


Image de prévisualisation YouTube



Bravo Paul pour ce petit automate très surprenant et sans le paraître assez complexe.
Etonnant aussi ce message improbable…chacun l’interprétera à sa manière.
One more time ,Congratulations Paul for this very surprising , clever automaton without seeming quite complex.
Astonishing as its inapprehensible message… everyone will interpret it in its own way, like this message




Years ago Paul Spooner said


« My work as an artist / mechanic amounts to a constant pursuit of elegance and simplicity. I haven’t caught up with either yet because I don’t know how to finish things. Except sometimes. And even then I’m not sure. »


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